Ignition Interlock

Drager Interlocks

Since 2006, DeGennaro Auto has been the area leader in ignition interlock installations and service. Drager Interlocks are considered the most reliable devices in the industry. Prior to starting the vehicle, the Drager interlock requests a breath sample. If the driver has been drinking, the immobilizer system prevents the motor from starting. Otherwise, the starter is activated for the driver to start the vehicle.The interlock device determines the breath alcohol concentration via an electrochemical sensor system as it is used in police measuring devices. The device will also prompt the driver to retest periodically while the vehicle is in use. The device will not disrupt the engine function once the engine has been started, however all events are recorded. The device detects any attempt to use auxiliaries as air pumps or filters to bypass the interlock, and will prevent the motor from starting.

At DeGennaro Auto, we install interlock devices in passenger vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles.

Why to use Drager XT Interlock devices: www.ignitioninterlock.Biz/products.html


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